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Universal Studios Hollywood

studiosign.jpg (130591 bytes)


studioglobe.jpg (124791 bytes)


citiwalk.jpg (110893 bytes)
Universal City Walk at dusk


citywalk2.jpg (156556 bytes)
Universal City Walk


backlot-city.jpg (120990 bytes)
Back lot, city street


backlot-courtyard.jpg (113692 bytes)
Back lot, courtyard (as seen in Back to the Future)


backlot-grinch.jpg (153086 bytes)
Back lot, How the Grinch Stole Christmas scenery


backlot-bates.jpg (120160 bytes)
Back lot, Bates Motel and house (with Grinch scenery in background)


backlot-munsters.jpg (155040 bytes)
Back lot, The Munsters house


Backdraft Pyrotechnics Exhibit