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My Parents New House, Placerville, CA
I-5/Central Valley
Aquarium of the Pacific

U.S. States I've Been To
Canadian Provinces I've Been To
Other Places I've Visited: Mexico | Europe

L.A. Basin skyline panorama from Hollywood sign to the ocean

Hollywood Sign
Griffith Observatory
The Brady Bunch House

L.A. Zoo 5/27/04

Denver March 2004
Grand Canyon

Good Day L.A. 4/28/04
My childhood dog, Aleutia
TV and Movie Quotes
My Dad's BMW Motorcycle
My Sister's Wedding 11/03

Expanded family photos section
Baby pictures of my dad
1940s New York City photos
My Great Grandfather
My Grandparents house under construction
Old Family Photos: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
Page 4 | Page 5

Video of My Mom's Cat, Thirteen

Famous Addresses
My Brother

My brother got hit in his Explorer

My Watch Collection
License plates on wall
My Knife Collection
My New Ferrari Mug

My Truck: Photo | Sketch

Free Hit Counters
Online Shopping

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Earth At Night

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