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My Brother's Latest Accident

Doug got hit on the side the other day and it bent up his wheel well and knocked off the lug nut cover. Nobody got a ticket, he turned on a yellow with all traffic stopped and got nailed by someone in a third lane that was trying to make the light. Who's at fault? Well, I have to figure that if by the time my brother had turned having seeing a yellow light, the light had to have been red as he was turning, so I say the lady that hit her is at fault. The time between a yellow and red light is only a few seconds, so his reaction to the yellow was as the clear to turn was legal but then you have the L.A. Factor, that is when you don't cross a yellow/red light until it's been red about a second or two and, more important, you don't dart through a fresh green light.

He also got rear ended in this Explorer, they had to pull the frame straight. He's also had is window broken into once.