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Loan to Value and Debt Ratio Calculator
Calculates Housing Ratio, Loan-to-Value Ratio & Debt Ratio

Directions: Enter the number of payments you expect to make
Example: 30 year mortgage x 12 payments/year= 360 payments

You must enter a zero in any field where you don't have a monthly payment. No fields can be left blank. 0's may be used for non-applicable categories)

 Your Values

Total # of Payments

Interest Rate

Purchase Price

Amount of Mortgage

Gross Monthly Income

Real Estate Taxes (monthly)

Homeowner's Insurance (monthly)

Mortgage Insurance (monthly)

Association Dues (monthly)

Car Payments (monthly)

Alimony/Child Support (monthly)

Credit Card Payments (monthly)

Other Loan Payments (monthly)

Monthly Payment

Monthly Housing Expense

Monthly Bills


Housing Ratio 

Debt Ratio